Export of technical and engineering services (contractor – Consulting)
Design services, management, preparation, implementation or design and build contract in the form of investment and create employment, investment and export consulting services for internal and external applicants, are another part of the company’s activity.
Export of technical and engineering services in addition to product and service development, is the most effective factors in development of export quality and use of high tech.
At present time, Our country to have a special strategic position in the region and can take advantage of the proximity and cultural ties with countries that have lower capability of our country, and provide comprehensive planning in order to have targeted presence and creating suitable market become the first priorities .

The reasons for the firm to export technical and engineering services:
۱- Using of unoccupied capabilities of the company in engineering & technical department and ultimately providing dynamic employment
۲- Market development to achieve sustainable and balanced development
۳- Restrictions on domestic markets
۴- Improve the technical knowledge and experience of international
۵- Stabilizing organizational status because of independency to the internal market