Consulting (preliminary studies – Detailed studies – Design)

The stages are as follow :
First stage – preliminary studies
Second stage – Preliminary studies and preparation of tender documents
Third stage – do bidding and monitoring

preliminary studies
A – Identify and preliminary evaluate
B- Preparation of preliminary design

Preliminary studies and preparation of tender documents
A- Full and comprehensive review of the technical resources available and prep arable under protect of supportive services in country , considering the climatic characteristics of the project, the supply and distribution of electricity, communication networks and other important public and local conditions for project preparation and decisions about their properties is necessary.

B- Preparation of final plan
C- Preparation of public & private specifications and also schedule of amount of work

Third stage: bidding and monitoring
Tender stage and supervision will be done by the employer’s written notice
This stage consists of two basic parts:
First -bidding and determining the contractor or contractors
Second – Monitor performance