Construction of khorasan big museum in Mashhad (IRAN)
Area: 18500 m2

Construction of Residential complex for employees of Foreign Affairs ministry in Mashhad (Iran)
Area: 30000 m2

Construction of 242 units, residential and commercial complex of “Mehr Fadak” Housing cooperative in Mashhad (Iran)
Area: 42000 m2

Construction of the access road to the Fakhrabad mines in:
Bajestan – khorasan Razavi Province (Iran)
Road length: 17.5 km

Construction of Torbat – kadkan Road (construction of Khosh Hava Bridge)
Bridge Length: 96 m

Construction 158 units of units of a Rental and residential complex in:
Pishva – Varamin (Iran)
Area: 10700 m2 – completed in: 2005

Construction of the industries and mines University of Birjand (Iran)
Area: 17000 m2 – completed in: 1998

Construction of the Dormitory and Medical Sciences University of Birjand (Iran)
Area: 23000 m2 – completed in: 1998

Construction of Abrisham Residential and commercial complex in:
Mashhad (Iran)
Area: 14000 m2 – completed in: 2004

Construction of residential complex in Daneshjoo Blvd., in:
Mashhad (Iran)
Area : 1500 m2 – completed in : 2003

Construction of the passenger Terminal in:
Birjand (iran)
Area: 3000 m2- completed in: 1992

Construction of shahid primary schools, 2 units – in:
Mashhad (Iran)
Area: 6000 m2 – completed in: 1992

Construction of water transferring line in:
Mashhad (Iran)
(With cooperation of Azaranshargh co.)
Completed in: 2002