Mashhad Sazeh Co. was established in 1981 and initiated its activities in the

constructional fields as a contractor. Afterwards, by a stable developing process, the field of activities was expanded to include mechanical and electrical installations of the buildings, road construction, consultant, EPC, and Export of Engineering & Technical Services. All these led to a prominent list of projects inside and outside of the country in its professional resume.

Qualifying for the certificate of ISO 9001:2015 & 10006:2003 TUV International limited and HSE – MS, being selected as the “Superior Exporter of Technical and Engineering Services “ in Khorasan Province for eight successive years, establishing branches and new companies in target countries, and receiving high grade licenses to execute construction projects indicate the company’s achievements which have been gained by its modern and innovative management.

Thanks to our managers, experts and personnel capabilities, and due to valuable

experiences during the past years of continuous activities as well as customer

satisfaction, the company has possessed a dominant position in national and

international areas. Hence, the company is now called: “Mashhad Sazeh International Construction Company”. And now Mashhad Sazeh Co. in order to gain its other goals has started to invest and provide financial & technical contribution with domestic and foreign investors and partners from neighbor countries, central Asia, Persian Gulf countries, and others.

In this regard, providing and completing the service chain required in construction projects become its main priority. So conducting feasibility studies, architectural design, providing supply and equipment resources and other project management services are the other capabilities in Mashhad Sazeh group